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If a manufacturing defect materialises within the allotted time, a warranty claim may be made. The following circumstances apply:


  1. On behalf of the manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, a warranty is provided. If the product was supplied in excellent functioning order, the vendor or reseller is not liable for any flaws that may later surface.

  2. If the invoice states that a "Warranty Card Issued," the client must make sure to get the card with the invoice in order for our customer care center to process the warranty.

  3. Any warranty claim when the original invoice is missing may be rejected by the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor at their discretion.

  4. Customers are highly advised to inspect the merchandise before leaving our counter because the guarantee only lasts until the receipt is created. The product will be handled according to the standard warranty claim procedure in the event of any issues.

  5. The producer, supplier, or distributor maintains the right to deny any claim that a product or component is damaged or rusts, or burns as a result of natural hazards and weather.

  6. Any warranty claim that is denied because the product or component is presented in an unsuitable state is at the discretion of the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor. The goods must be properly packaged in the protective materials offered for sale.

  7. Accidental damage or an electrical surge under warranty will not be taken into consideration.

  8. Software support is not included with computer hardware. Direct access to this information is available on the manufacturer's website.

  9. If the warranty sticker or serial numbers are damaged, the warranty claim may be denied.

  10. Once the warranty claim is approved, the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor may choose to replace the product or component or have it repaired.

  11. From three to six weeks may pass before the return.

  12. If we are not convinced that the problem is the result of a manufacturing error, the warranty claim can be approved on a "conditional" basis. In this instance, the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor will have exclusive discretion over whether to accept a warranty claim.

  13. If a dot appears on an LCD or LED, the warranty will not be honoured.

  14. The warranty terms and conditions are subject to change by the manufacturer. The website of the manufacturer or supplier is updated with the updates.
    There is no guarantee on power adapters, cables, printer cartridges or toner, or any other supplemental items. The same will not be subject to warranty claims.

  15. According to international warranty guidelines, users are responsible for handling warranty claims and should register their items directly with the manufacturer. You should adhere to the manufacturer's instructions.

  16. In a physical visit to the store, only checking warranties are provided on used hardware. Before leaving the counter, please make sure the hardware you have purchased is in excellent shape.

  17. From Monday through Friday between 2 pm and 7 pm, we entertain on-site claims..

  18. Please inspect any item before leaving the store if "Without Warranty" is stated on it. We won't be held accountable later.

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